World of Warcraft

I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off for years. I've mainly played Horde starting out on Al'Akir, eventually moving the guild over to Bladefist because of the queues.

My characters

Cumberland, Pandaren warrior

After getting a scroll of resurrection, a free level 80 boost and free Cata upgrade (AND a discounted MoP upgrade), I couldn't say no. So I uh, made another warrior.

Cumberland on

Zutta, Troll warrior

Made a class I wasn't planning to play and as ugly as possible because I wasn't intending to stay on the server, Zutta (formerly Dies) is a female Troll Warrior. Yeah, female Troll. Rare, but awesome. We bring 'da pain to dem!

I used to help tank for the guild on Al'Akir back in the days of 40 man Molten Core. I played as protection spec from 60-80 which was fun. Zutta then got benched for a bit while I played Vatta, but more recently I've switched her to DPS (first arms spec, now fury spec) and am having some fun.

Oh, and as a complete shock, I recently won a Blue Protodrake. 1% drop rate, 20% chance of winning the roll once it dropped... Yay!

Zutta on

Vatta, Tauran Druid

Vatta is a bit more geared than Zutta mainly because of the Vatta-loot-machine. Vatta wins everything. He can't help it. I think it makes up for the fact that Zutta has such poor luck.

Vatta levelled up as feral (cat), changed to Moonkin (way too early) and then mixed between the two until I hit level 80. I think switched to resto. Now that dual specs have come out I'm resto and bear-tank, which works out quite nicely. Guaranteed instant-random-instances!

Vatta on


I love making macros.

  • PAROMOAN! - A World of Warcraft macro to help Paro(war|mage) dish out raid-rolled loot