A (web)dev living in West Cumbria

That's me. Father, husband, working remotely, organises Code Cumbria. I have two children and a Lakeland terrier called Rofl. Years ago I played Quake and still occasionally like to bounce around DM4. I used to play World of Warcraft. Current habits are ukulele and cycling.

I started out eons ago as a front-end developer then moved onto Ruby / Rails and still enjoy both!

Rubbish stats. Boo.

What up

It's official, this site is now a Bliki! You can now subscribe to a feed of notable changes across the site. Hooray!

This site is a constant work in progress. Try my aging flickr photostream for INSTANT SATISFACTION! I'm also on twitter as @adonaldson, github as adonaldson, instagram and tumblr.

I have a public GPG key which you can use to send me encrypted emails, but really what is the point. My fingerprint is: 7AF3 8C66 99E1 A514 58DB 2936 BB24 B5C4 563D F050. You can track me on Keybase.io if you fancy it.